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Louvretec Melbourne.  A stand out from the crowd

Established in 1997, Louvretec has become the market leader in Australasia in aluminum Opening Roofs, Sun Louvres and Shutter systems.

What Louvretec Melbourne does best
It’s simple. Louvretec provides smart sun control solutions for a sustainable home.

Louvretec’s extensive product range is a one stop shop for Opening Roofs, Sun Louvre and Shutter systems, gates, fences and screens.

Louvretec Melbourne’s work
Research and Development play a vital role in the Louvretec story. All Louvretec Melbourne's products are fully engineered and tested for reliability.

Louvretec Melbourne provides a combination of quality opening roof and louvre systems offering benefits such as control of sun, wind and privacy protection. Louvretec products not only fulfil practical functions but also enhance the appearance of your property and its value.

Louvretec Melbourne offers a full sales service which will give you design ideas. All installations are by highly trained in-house installers.

Louvretec Melbourne’s Commitment to Sustainability
Louvretec knows that climate change is a worldwide concern. Furthermore in 2006-07, heating and cooling accounted for the greatest proportion of energy consumed in households, this presents the opportunity to market as a long term cost saving product.

Louvretec’s product range can help reduce overall energy consumption by:

  • Allowing the user to control the amount of daylight & Glare reducing the need for air-conditioning.
  • Providing ventilation.
  • Adding light to come through in windows to lower power costs.
  • Allowing winter sun (passive solar heat gain) to reduce heating costs.
  • Allowing for external views.
  • Allowing for comfort control.

Solar Shading Specialists
Louvretec offers a full range of Solar Shading Louvre Systems and uses world class digital software such as Ecotect to conduct specific solar analysis reports for your project. Click here for more information.

Louvretec Melbourne's values
Louvretec endeavors to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in relation to both the product and service provided by the company.

This is further achieved by ensuring that the highest service and quality standards are adopted on all levels of sales, manufacturing and installation for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Louvretec Melbourne.  Available now in your neighbourhood.


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