Motorised Louvre Systems


Louvretec's motorised sun louvre systems with touch control bring welcomed shade, energy reduction and comfort to your environment.

Choose from three operating systems, the Spiral pivot system, the Frameless Pivot system or the Direct Drive system. Motorised sun louvres with touch control make the most of your environment.

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Features & Benefits
  • Blades are motorised and rotate allowing you to set and control conditions
  • Hidden woolpile closing strip ensures silent closing and rattle free operation
  • Designed to enhance the functionality of any building at the touch of a button
  • Allows for light, shade and airflow temperature control
  • Spiral pivot system is a hidden operating system
  • Choice of frame
  • Fully engineered with Louvretec warranty
  • Available nationwide
  • Louvrecare after sales service available
  • Design recommendations
  • In-house installers

Choose from the following Motorised Drive Systems:

Spiral Pivot System

Spiral Louvretec's own Spiral Pivot System is a unique, advanced operating system that powers all mid sized and maxi louvres. Sun Louvres are visual and offer functionality by controlling the sun, shade and shelter. We keep the operating mechanism hidden and fully protected within the frame.

The Spiral Pivot System drives the louvre blades 180 degrees allowing you to set and control conditions. If you have more than one motorised panel a dual drive can be fitted which adds to the function and versatility of the system. Click here to view the Spiral Pivot System featured on Louvreline Panels.

Frameless Pivot System

Frameless The Frameless Pivot System is the latest drive system that has been developed by many requests. This drive system motorises louvre blades and allows the blades to float free of the building. The louvre blades are fixed from behind so no end drive connection is needed allowing the louvres to cantilever (suspend) at each end. Each blade is able to open and close 180mm. The Frameless Pivot System adds to the visual effect of a motorized panel and ensures maximum unbroken blade spans. The Frameless Pivot system is compatible with 120mm, 180mm, 150mm and 200mm wide Louvretec louvre blades.

Direct Drive Pivot system

DirectDrive The 200 Direct Drive system uses a drive arm to power the louvres blades open and closed. The motor is fully protected and robust. Blades open 125 degrees and you choose what angle you want the blades positioned at. Powered by a slim rod Somfy motor & available 24v and 240v options - motor is backed by a 5 year warranty.

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